Reliance Worship EP

Reliance Worship Vol. 1 is the debut four-song EP from the Reliance Church worship ministry. At Reliance Church, we believe worship prepares our hearts to study God’s Word and that God’s Word prepares our hearts to live out an obedient life of worship. We’re excited to share songs that we believe God has placed on our hearts, and we hope they will help you develop a strong desire to follow Jesus.


Why record an EP?

At Reliance Church, we believe that worship isn’t just about music, but that it involves our entire life – how we live out our faith in an intimate daily walk with The Lord. Having said that, worship in music and song has always been an integral part of the Christian experience. Indeed, who can forget the moving midnight scene in Acts 16:25 of Paul and Silas, beaten and chained in the stocks of a cold Philippian jail, praying and singing hymns to the Lord? It’s such a perfect picture of what worship can be for us: when we are beaten-up by the world, awake at midnight in uncertain circumstances, our hearts ease and our fears melt when we sing to the Lord.


As a church, our worship together has been a uniquely shared experience, and many of you have asked if we could record our music for you to listen to at home, at work, or on your daily commutes. We decided to produce a four-song EP with the hope of releasing more music in the future on a semi-regular basis. We have also provided lyric and chord charts so that other musicians and worshippers can learn and use the songs as the Lord leads.


We encourage you to share this EP with your friends and families, or even use it as a tool to invite an unsaved friend to church. Music has a way of breaking barriers when it comes to inviting the unsaved to church.

Photos from the studio