Reliance Church 2014 – A Year In Review


Reliance Church is a church in Temecula, a community of believers that love Jesus and love His people. We currently meet at Linfield Christian School (Church campus video: in Temecula and our weekend service times are Sunday’s at 9am & 11am. Visit our church website for directions and new visitors information!

At Reliance Church, our entire goal is to create a fellowship of believers where you and

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The 5 Love Languages

Ever feel unloved, in spite of what your spouse regards are valiant attempts to show you affection? Does your husband or wife ever complain that you’re emotionally distant, yet you’ve been striving to demonstrate your devotion in ways that make sense to you? The likely reason for these crossed wires is that you are both communicating in different “love languages.” Dr. Gary Chapman’s life-changing book, The 5 Love Languages, enlightens how we meet each other’s deepest emotional needs, positing there are five principal love languages, or, ways to communicate and feel love.

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