Philippines Team Update



After arriving, our team quickly surmised that most of the east side of Samar was destroyed and almost all of the barangay (villages) surrounding them had been completely wiped out. U-Turn For Christ’s facilities have been severely damaged and they have completely lost their sanctuary. Our Philippines Relief Team has made restoring the remaining structures a priority so that U-Turn For Christ can house more teams to come and

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Fiery Trials Can Set You Free


God sometimes allows the trials in our life. Pastor Ted tells us why. A sermon excerpt, given by Pastor Ted July 21, 2013. From the “Writing on the Wall” series Watch the full sermon at:

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A lesson in trusting in Jesus. Sermon excerpt given by Guest Pastor Josh White.

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Stressed Out?

Are you in a difficult situation? The answer to your problem is closer then you think. Sermon excerpt.

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