Where’s the Faith?




“Faith, the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” – Hebrews 11:1.


One of those verses I memorized at a very young age. My sister and brother used to tease me about always having my prayers answered, to the point that if they wanted something, they would say “we should just have Andrea pray for it.”  During a Sunday school class, we were learning about tithing, and one of my friends asked, “Well, what if you only had a dollar?” Without even skipping a beat, in a very matter of fact tone, I blurted out, “Well you give the dollar,” like duh? During the summer between my 8th grade year and my 9th grade year, I begged my parents to send me to Calvary Chapel Murrieta High School. I know it must have pained them to tell me no, that there was no possible way we could afford it. I petitioned the Lord, praying earnestly. I felt with all my being that is where I needed to go to High School. I don’t know how the Lord did it, but He made a way, and I started my freshman year of high school at Calvary Chapel Murrieta and it was a life changing, life alternating decision for the good. Not only did the Lord provide for me to go, but the next year he provided a way for my brother and sister to attend as well.   Why do I share these stories? I’m trying to paint a picture for you. Having ‘faith” was never something I struggled with. I took the Lord at His word. If He said it, I believed it, and there was nothing that could detour me from believing Him.

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