Building A Legacy




Dear Reliance Church family,


This week in our Sunday services, I shared with you the wonderful opportunity we have to build a legacy here in Temecula.


Over the past eight years, Reliance Church has grown from four people into a church of over 1,000 members. Along the way, we have seen hundreds of people respond to the Gospel and make professions of faith in Jesus Christ. We have seen lives changed, addictions broken, and marriages healed and restored.


Today, we have the opportunity to build a legacy for our children and our children’s children by constructing a new church home on the land that God has so graciously provided for us on Santiago Road.


Reliance Church is not a building and we never have been. We are a family of believers united in Christ and dedicated to making disciples. But every family needs a home. Home is where we gather. Home is where we are fed. Home is where generations are raised-up and sent-out on mission with Jesus Christ.


The plan is to build upon the legacy that Freda Knott began exactly 100 years ago, when she sacrificed her own savings to purchase the Pujol schoolhouse and convert it into Temecula’s first chapel. This is the chapel that now stands on our property, which God has been using for four generations to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Our plan is to continue to use that chapel for Biblical discipleship of all types and to build a new sanctuary alongside it that can accommodate our Sunday services and growing church needs.


There are several phases to our building plan, and I encourage you to visit our website at to see the plans and to watch the video.


In order for us to build a new church home, we will need to raise at least five hundred thousand dollars which will go towards the various soft-costs of construction and help secure the necessary financing for the completion of the first phase. This may sound like a lot, but if each of us committed to give only $75/month, we would raise what we need in less than eight months.


Please join me in praying for this opportunity and prayerfully consider how the Lord would have you to respond.


Building a legacy together,


Pastor Ted