What Controls Your Mood?


Do you ever have “just one of those days” in which the darker forces seem to be industriously wreaking havoc in the orderly calm of your life, and even the most trivial incidents are producing rather disagreeable results? The barista made you a lukewarm whole milk latte, although you specifically ordered an extra hot soy latte. How do they even mix that up? You called your sister up to share some good news, but she ended up monopolizing the conversation and complaining about her “unfair” life for forty minutes. Your latest electricity bill is triple the cost of last month’s, so the family will now be banned from touching the thermostat. Regardless of how insignificant or consequential the circumstances of a bad day may be, resist the urge to succumb to moodiness. No amount of spilled coffee, annoying family disputes, or incompliance from your spouse justifies your wallowing in sullen terseness, egocentric vexation, or bitter resentment. Rather than squandering our days self-centeredly focused on our unhappy travails, we must actively pursue a Christ-centered mind.

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The Light of Christ in a Dark World

Oppressively dark. Joyless. Pleasure-driven. Appetitive. Self-seeking. Sin indulged. Exploitative. Desolate. Mercenary. Evil masquerades as good, and righteousness is derided. Utter depravity reigns. Jeering smiles conceal haunting emptiness. Senseless vanity governs lives. Morality is scorned. Obscenity is praised. Death prevails. This is what happens when you allow the world to conform you.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” -1 Peter 5:8 NIV

This is the reality we are living with. A spiritual battle is raging all around us, and there are countless people who

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