High School Girls’ Movie Night

High school girls, want to spend a low-key Friday night away from the pressures of school and the distractions guys? Even if you answered ‘no,’ we still want you to come! Take one night out your busy week to chill with your friends, snack on delicious junk food, and watch a rom com! So come and spend few hours relaxing with an uplifting group of girls.


On April 27th, we’re having a girls’ movie night, featuring the cute, albeit slightly obscure film, The Cutting Edge: Going For The Gold. The event is from 7pm to 10 pm. The night is super casual, so feel free to show up in comfy sweats or pajamas if you’re feeling it. Popcorn and drinks will be provided, but bring your favorite candy to share! Cost is free.


Invite your friends from school or work, and sign up in the Youth room. You don’t want to miss this awesome opportunity to reinforce existing friendships and forge new ones! Email Jessica at [email protected] for location details and more information.