Finding Comfort


In this time of economic struggle many people turn to Matthew 6 for strength. But the words in verse 26 strongly jump out at me for a few reasons. First there is the obvious, “the God of the universe really does care for you and will supply all of your needs,” but there are some implied lessons in this teaching as well.

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Feeling Stressed? The Biblical Remedy to Unrest

Stress, or anxiety, is often rooted in a failure to trust in God. If we’re apprehensive about trusting God with our families, agendas, financial burdens, and deepest wounds, we are voluntarily signing up for an unhappy invasion of stress. When we’re uncomfortable with waiting on His perfect timing to guide our lives, and we willfully seize the reigns to self-direct, we are asking for more anxiety. Edging God out to expropriate the parts of our lives we feel most troubled about will only result in

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