Reliance Stories

Reliance Stories is a project we decided to put together where we help you tell the story of what God is doing in your life. Most members of Reliance Church have likely experienced the redemptive work of Jesus Christ in their lives, but may not have the opportunity to share it. That’s where Reliance Stories comes in. Our desire is to help you enrich our church community, share your story, and Be Heard.


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Andy M.

Hear how Andy navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic, looking to God who is sovereign and in control. Continue to pray for Andy and his family in this season!

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Fred & Kath B.

When we get comfortable in our ways and walk away from the Lord, we set ourselves up for our world to come crashing down around us. Fred & Kathy talk about the path their lives have taken together and the seasons God has seen them through along the way. From deep hurts and loss to renewed commitment to each other and their walk with the Lord, many can relate to the ways God reaches us and uses us to impact others.

Trent Chavez Matzel

Listen as Trent discusses how growing up in the Christian faith doesn’t mean a life automatically free from sin. That often those who grow up as believers must ultimately learn the difference between being a believer and being a true follower of Christ. Just because you don’t have a traumatic testimony doesn’t mean you don’t have to learn lessons in this life or that you can’t impact others with your story.

Dane T.

Divorce is so commonplace these days that many often overlook the impact it has on a child’s life. Listen as Dane discusses how the divorce of his parents caused him to seek feeling loved and valuable in a worldly sense, before a message at summer camp spoke to his heart about seeking the Lord and resting in His love for us. Understanding the love God has for him allowed Dane to serve the church and those around him with a new sense of purpose and passion.

Nikki H.

Often we go through seasons of change, and those changes can bring new struggles into our lives. Nikki shares how in the midst of change and struggle, God remains faithful and we must remain steadfast in surrendering to Him and seeking Him.

Lexi F.

For some young believers, their faith is established in their parent’s footsteps and it can feel like shaky ground until they find footing on their own foundation in the Lord. Lexi opens up about needing to step out in faith and let the Lord guide her path. Only then would she discover talents He’d given her and where He would have her serve and use those gifts.

Maxwell R.

We aren’t meant to walk in faith alone, in fact we are called to gather together. Maxwell discusses the impact being part of a church body can make, even to a long time believer. His testimony speaks of the accountability and support we gain when we do life with our brothers and sister in Christ.

Gina E.

Many of us look to others to make us feel whole or worthy, but Gina’s testimony reminds us that God, and God alone, completes us. When we seek Him first, He is faithful to provide what, and who, we need. And even when we’ve tried to do it on our own, God’s forgiveness, grace and mercy are plentiful. We can make it through trials and still go on to live out our happily ever after.

Johnnie B.

Listen as Johnnie recounts the circumstances that not only led to a hardened life alone but also the remarkable people along the way that helped him turn his life around. His testimony reminds us that Christ is always seeking the lost and that it’s never too late to turn your life around and seek Him wholeheartedly.