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Oakley H.

My son enjoyed the plays that were put on by the volunteers showcasing the armor or God, he also enjoyed the games and activities. I enjoyed dropping off my child in a safe environment where I knew he was surrounded by fellow believers and was getting immersed into a Bible and Jesus filled experience.

Chris M.

Very Organized, Trust that our kids are safe, Kids had fun and learned more about the Bible in a fun way

Gideon D.

So well done and fun for the kids. Love how they learned more about God's word.

Hannah M.

My kids LOVE this event and are so excited to go every day! They love the sport’s activities they do and they love learning about Jesus!

Christin C.

My son loved IT ALL!!! He loves the sports but really loved the skits.

Hannah M.

My wife and I both felt like each day our children were going to a Christian camp and having that type of experience. Both of our daughters have done great VBS programs at other churches, but this one surpassed them all. Our daughters looked forward to attending and serving each day. Thank you for offering such a great experience for them both.

Kathy B.

Great program, even for us as the Grandparents! You can tell that a lot of thought, preparation and prayers have gone into this ministry! ❤️