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We designed the practical aspects of Calvary International Training Institute (CITI) to help you grow in your relationship with Christ and to equip you to be an effective leader not only in a North American context, but you’ll be prepared for ministry internationally as well. CITI is a one year program divided into trimesters. In each session, you will focus on a distinct area of study, broken up into two main aspects: 1) Academic, and 2) Practical. With this strategy, we will help to equip you for success in ministry, whatever your gifting and abilities may be.


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Equipping the next generation of church planters and Christian leaders.


Our heart at CITI is to create close and meaningful relationships between CITI leaders and you, to EQUIP you for the work of the ministry, in order to strengthen the Body of Christ. Our commitment is to fulfill the great commission – making disciples, and one of the key components of discipleship is building strong, healthy, Christ-centered relationships. The leaders of CITI are not only mentors with real world church planting and foreign missions experience, but we are your partners and co-laborers for His kingdom. CITI is a ministry of Reliance church, a community with a vision to lead people to know, love and serve Jesus. We created CITI to foster growth in all three of these areas, with an emphasis on serving Jesus. If you believe that the Lord has called you to a deeper walk in His service, whether that be church planting, foreign missions, or serving as a lay-leader in your local church, CITI can help you become better equipped to fulfill that calling.


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