Building Sneak Peek & More


This Easter, we’re anticipating our 9:45am service to be completely full! We are so thankful that God is growing our church and that lives are being changed by God’s Word through Reliance, but we need your help making room for these new visitors this Easter!

We’re asking that you would choose to attend either our 6am Sunrise Service at Vail Headquarters or our 8am or 11:30am services at Linfield. This may be a sacrifice for your family, you may have to move some Easter plans around, but we ask that you’d make this sacrifice knowing that this slight inconvenience could change a persons life forever.


We’re also offering a baptism during our Easter services! Baptism and communion are our only two sacraments as Christians and Jesus commands that we should be Baptized as an outward sign of an inward desire to live for Him. If you’ve never taken this important step of obedience, we encourage you to get baptized this Easter!  

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