Missionary Update: Papua New Guinea

Today we’re highlighting the Clover family, currently serving as missionaries in Papua New Guinea! Steve recently spoke with a Papua New Guinean who was reticent to attend church because he didn’t believe it changed people. He believed that because they don’t have the Bible in their own language, people don’t really understand what the Bible says. Through their lengthy conversation, Steve conveyed to him that the Christian life is about knowing and loving Jesus and then, in turn, loving others. The man was so grateful to receive this information and eager to share it with his wife. Steve was encouraged to continue the work of making the Bible available to everyone in their own language.


They were recently blessed with a house in the village of Pere (a Titan village off the southeast coast of Manus Island). This provides a place for them to dwell nearby so they can live and work with the Titans. The house does need improvements and they are doing work to repair and add solar power to the house and add a kitchen and bedroom.


Steve worked with the Titans to review more drafted chapters of Genesis and they have successfully checked Genesis 12-21 and are moving forward to test them with people in their villages. Thank you for your continued prayers and generosity! God continues to help the Titans have God’s Word in their own language through you and the Wycliffe Bible translation ministry.


Please pray for the following:

  • The translators to share Genesis 12-21 in their villages.
  • For God to speak clearly to the Titans through His Word in Titan.
  • That God helps the us do much needed improvements to the Pere house for our long-term sustainability in the work.
  • Where we will live when we return to the U.S. in June 2018: California or Washington.
  • God’s direction and leading for our children’s future.


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