Today we’re highlighting our missionaries serving in Siberia, Dan and Joan Rulison!


The team in Siberia has been doing lots of building! They recently finished construction on a banya (Russian bath house) and are finally able to enjoy taking real baths. They were given a solar power system and now have full electrical service on their off-the-grid farm. Being able to get an excavator to the farm helped them do a lot of ground and dirt work such as digging trenches to run water throughout the property and prepare for an underground barn. Lumber was ordered, delivered and stacked for the milk kitchen which will include an attic apartment for the Walker family to reside. They are working hard to dig more trenches and lay down wire to bring electricity to the farm all before the harsh winter weather hits!


Dan encouraged and worked diligently alongside Justus Walker, not only with building and construction, but as a brother in the Lord providing much needed encouragement after Justus was hospitalized. He spent the summer serving in Siberia and is now reunited with Joan.

While in Siberia, Dan and the team ministered to many volunteers who came through the farm to help in different ways. Several volunteers heard and received the gospel through devotions being shared at every meal time and through hearing common prayer and praise being shared amongst the believers throughout the days of work. Praise the Lord for these new believers!

Please continue praying for the Rulisons, the Walker family and the work being done in Siberia. Pray for healing for Justus Walker as he is still dealing with the effects of lyme disease, encephalitis and meningitis. Pray for their online presence and the impact they are having in Russia via live events on YouTube with over 2,000 participants asking questions 20,000 subscribers.

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