October Construction Update

Our main campus is beginning its transformation as we approach month three of construction on the future home of Reliance Church!


Excavators and bulldozers are removing the landscaping and asphalt, tractors are beginning to grade the soil, and the existing portable buildings are being moved to the southeast side of the campus to make way for a new campus layout featuring a centralized courtyard. Over the next few months, we’re expecting about 300 truckloads of dirt to be removed from the property, grading to be completed, and conduit and foundations being laid. Our future home is really beginning to take shape!


The first phase of construction includes the entirely new layout of our campus, a redesigned parking lot and, of course, our new sanctuary. Our existing portable buildings will be converted into Reliance Kids’ classrooms until Phase 2 is complete, at which time a new Reliance Kids’ building will be constructed. The historic chapel will remain a permanent fixture on our campus as a testament to the rich history of Christianity in the Temecula Valley and life changing message of God’s Word.


If you would like to give to our building fund, please visit reliancechurch.org/legacy