Missionary Update: The Clover Family

This month we’re highlighting our missionaries serving in Papua New Guinea: Steve and Mindy Clover and their children Karah, David and Jonathan.


Over the summer, Steve was in Manus Island serving alongside the Titans at a translation workshop where chapters 1-30 of Genesis have now been drafted! He then taught a two-week course coveringthe basics of using Paratext Bible translation software. The 17 students in attendance represented nine different language groups surrounding Manus Island and were equipped to better translate God’s Word into their own languages. In September, he taught the course again, this time in Ukarumpa to 15 students from seven different language groups from all over Papua New Guinea. Mindy came to observe and quickly became a mentor to several translators. Mentors are crucial in these settings to offer individual help to students.


In June 2018, the family will head back to the United States after David graduates high school so he and Karah can enroll in college. The Clovers are not sure yet where they will live or for how long and need prayer for God’s direction for their family. During their time in the States, Steve will continue working with the Titans remotely and flying back to Papua New Guinea a few times a year to help them.


The Clovers are asking for your prayer for the following:

  • Team unity for both our family and for the Titans
  • Where we will live: California, Washington or another location
  • Direction for David as to what plans God has for his future
  • Direction for Karah. Should she pursue nursing or being a doctor?

Please feel free to contact the Clovers to encourage them and let them know you are praying for them.

[email protected]

[email protected]