National Day of Prayer 2017

Today is the National Day of Prayer and people across the nation are collectively praying. At Reliance Church, we work like everything depends on us, but we pray like everything depends on God, because it does. Please take a minute to watch a video from Pastor Ted and join us in prayer today.


You can also join Prayerlink, our ministry devoted to intercessory prayer. Email [email protected] with the subject line “Praylink” to have prayer requests texted to you so you can be praying for others in your community! To receive prayer, text urgent prayer requests to 951.595.7698. All non-urgent prayer requests can be submitted Sunday mornings or emailed to [email protected].

Video Transcript:

Hey, Pastor Ted here on the National Day of Prayer. You know, prayer’s an essential element for us as God’s people, but it’s always been an essential part of who we are as a nation as well. Whether it was the prayers of the Plymouth Pilgrims or the colonists in the revolution or of the Continental Congress. This humble act of seeking the Lord for His protection and for His provision and to prevail upon His grace, well, you know, it’s always been our right and our privilege, but more than anything else, it’s our greatest need.


The theme for this year’s National Day of Prayer is, “For Your Great Names Sake”. It’s inspired by Daniel 9 verse 19, where Daniel implored the Lord in Prayer. He said to Him, “Oh Lord hear, oh Lord forgive, oh Lord listen and act.” You see, at the time that Daniel prayed this prayer what was going on was that the nation of Israel was in bondage to the nation of Babylon. God had allowed them to be taken captive because of their sin and their rebellion and He had prescribed that they were to be in bondage their in Babylon for 70 years. Well, Daniel, reading the scriptures, he knew that the prophesied period of time for their bondage was coming to an end. And so sensing that that time for them to be set free was nearing, Daniel set about praying. He sought the Lord for the forgiveness of the nation and for them to be set free. His prayer specifically was, “Lord hear us, forgive us, heal us, not because we deserve it, but for Your great names sake.” Daniel was not great because he prayed, he was great because his prayer was a necessary expression of great trust and great dependence on God.


This Thursday, you and I have the opportunity to join with thousands of Americans nationwide to exercise our great trust in the Lord and our dependence upon Him. Asking Him to hear us, to forgive us, and to heal us for His great name.