Today we’re launching our #ask10 campaign. What is our #ask10 campaign? We’re praying together at 10 o’clock for 10 days leading up to Easter starting on April 6. We’re each inviting 10 people to come to our Easter services. Join us for #ask10 this Easter. We’re asking God these 10 things:


  1. For God to bring many people who need to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  2. For God to prepare the hearts of the people to hear and respond to the Gospel.
  3. For the pastors and teachers as they prepares their sermons and lessons.
  4. For the Holy Spirit to work through Pastor Ted and the Worship Team.
  5. For the Holy Spirit to work through our Children’s Ministry servants.
  6. For God to direct you to 10 people He wants you to invite.
  7. For faith and boldness for you to follow-through with those invitations.
  8. For God to empower our technical and set-up crews.
  9. For the process of “Decision Follow-up” with those responding to the Gospel.
  10. For the Lord to guard and protect His Church against satanic attack.


Pray for 10 things.

Pray for 10 days.

Pray at 10 o’clock.

Invite 10 people.