Recently we hosted a special event for over 170 fathers and daughters inviting them to carve out some time together and invest in their relationship. Although the theme was “My Little Princess,” it was clear that daughters of all ages were eager to spend time with their dads.


After the evening officially opened in prayer, the DJ cranked the music and the dads and daughters danced the night away. There was a photo booth set up with props for anyone wanting to document their date night as well as tables for playing games. From cupcake decorating to designing their own tiaras, the crafts were a huge hit with all the young ladies and a great token of remembrance to bring home.


Many people from the Reliance Men and Reliance Women ministries served together to help make this event special and incredibly memorable for all who attended. Our church values unity and this night was just one example of how many diverse families could come together to focus on the importance of investing in our loved ones. It was a blessing to witness memories being made and relationships being strengthened. After the event, many parents expressed how impactful it was for their daughters to be valued by their dads in this special way.


“By this all will know that you are My disciples. If you have love for one another.” – John 13:35