There is something so inspiring about “the new.” A new book that speaks perfectly into the season of life you are in: it can bring encouragement, much needed perspective, and hopefully that bittersweet conviction. Listening to a new album as you drive around town: that is just fun, especially if you can enjoy it alongside some beautiful scenery (I always wish I could bottle those moments).


Here at His Light, Her Life, our goal is to exhort, equip, and inspire you in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, and one of the ways we can help do that is by providing you with “the new.” It may be a book, a Christian Classic that was written hundreds of years ago but to you, it is new, and it is inspiring. Maybe it’s an album that we’ve enjoyed recently, or an app that has helped us grow in a certain discipline or life skill.


You will be able to find a list of these recommendations in our Resource Section. We will also be publishing a “Resource Highlight” once a month, providing you with a more in-depth review of some of the tools you can utilize.


This month, in our “Resource Highlight,” we would like to share a new album we are enjoying as well as one of our favorite books, one that can be gleaned from, no matter your season of life.


Rivers and Robots, Eternal Son


The British band, Rivers and Robots, released their third album, Eternal Son, in the spring of 2016. What I love most about this album, is that musically, it is not something you would hear from a typical worship album, but don’t let that detour you. Their lyrics are bursting with adoration and praise, with a mixture of ethereal guitars, piano-driven songs, and layered with doubled vocals.


The album begins with the song “Wait for You,” which is the perfect opener to give you a taste of their sound. “Lift Up My Eyes” is an anthem, one that closely resembles that of a Psalm. The piano-accompanied “To The Highest Place,” is a beautiful declaration of worship:


Stepping down into a world You made

The uncreated God in a human frame

Creates a dwelling with creation

You’ve made yourself of no reputation…

Cause You are exalted to the highest place,

and You have the name above all other names.”


All-around, Eternal Son is a thoroughly enjoyable listen.  One that will truly draw your heart and mind into adoration of Him.

Written By: Andrea Bomstad



The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership


If I were to try to convince you with eloquent words to give this book a shot, I might describe it to you as a deeply moving, ferociously smart and fascinating book that is sure to broaden and develop anyone who reads it, and this would be true. But what I really want to say is…guys, this book is SOOOOOO good. No for real, it’s amazing. Do not let the title scare or bore you away from this wonderful gem.


If you were to ask some of the most prominent leaders in our churches and society today how they advanced their leadership skills, you would likely hear them recommend reading anything by John Maxwell. Maxwell is a leadership expert, speaker, and author, and has founded multiple organizations. He is regularly invited to speak to a myriad of diverse groups – from Fortune 500 Companies to international government leaders, from the military to the NFL. In short, if you have time to read only one book about leadership, Maxwell should be your guy.


Maxwell describes his book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, as everything he has learned about leadership boiled down into a short list. In his book, Maxwell walks the reader through a series of “laws” that he has learned about leadership. His book provides deep insight coupled with a wealth of personal experience and captivating stories that drive home his points. At the end of each chapter, the reader is given self-evaluation questions and practical, actionable items to get you thinking and moving in the right direction. As you read through the book, you will start to see a shift in how you view and act in various situations in your life.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to be a CEO or the leader of a ministry in church to understand or need this book. Whether you have a career, are a mother, a grandmother, or anything in between, every one of us has some type of leadership role in our lives and this book is so much more than its title may imply. At its heart, it is a book about humans – how to understand them, how to connect with them, how to help them and ultimately how to lead them. If you want to grow as a person, this book is for you.

Written By: Katelyn Hodges