Belgium Missions 2014 Pt. 1

Namur, Belgium

Pastor Ted Leavenworth and his wife, Brenda, have arrived in Namur, Belgium. Namur is a picturesque city, but there is a great need for the Gospel. We’ve been able to spend some good time with Guillaume and Abigail Hoc, church planters here in Belgium, accessing the work they are doing and working to encourage them in it. They have been here for almost a year and are doing a fantastic work in this beautiful city where Guillaume was raised. They have a weekly bible study in a local church facility.

Tonight, Brenda has the opportunity to teach the women and encourage them to “be doers of the Word, and not hearers only” (James 1:22) by spending time sitting at the feet of Jesus in a regular time of devotion.The girls were able to express they are overwhelmed at the thought sometimes of reading their bible but were so receptive to the idea of reading if they knew it would help them in their faith. Abby made a wonderful dinner, so we were able to really spend some time with the girls in fellowship. Please pray for these girls and, if you would like, we can gift them with a one-year bible in French! Exciting stuff happening already!

Day 1. Please pray for Will, Abby, this city of Namur, and the girls we were able to minister to in it.