Philippines Team Update



After arriving, our team quickly surmised that most of the east side of Samar was destroyed and almost all of the barangay (villages) surrounding them had been completely wiped out. U-Turn For Christ’s facilities have been severely damaged and they have completely lost their sanctuary. Our Philippines Relief Team has made restoring the remaining structures a priority so that U-Turn For Christ can house more teams to come and assist in the relief effort. They will also be concentrating on the city of Hernani, a city roughly an hour away from their location that was hit extremely hard by the typhoon. The storm wiped out 95% of all houses and government building, “It looks more like a tsunami hit Hernani.” said Pastor Ted. Shortly before the storm, the jails opened their doors and released all of the prisoners to save their lives when the storm hit. So far, our team has not experienced any problems because of this, but it certainly complicates the relief effort. There is still no running water or power in any cities near them and it will be some time before those services will be restored.


The relief teams goal is to set up a church with water and food supplies. Pastor Ted is meeting with some local pastors today to talk about plans to plant a church in this area and use the food and water supplies as an opportunity to draw people in, minister to them, and share the gospel. There is a possibility that Reliance Church will be able to adopt one or more of these churches and help the Pastor’s get established so they can continue to minister and disciple the local people. Reliance is currently working on more relief trips and has started an interest list for people that may want to be involved in this effort. If you would like to be placed on the list to receive more information about future trips, please contact [email protected] or call 951.695.0809


Ways you can pray:

• Pray for God to give hope to those who have lost everything they owned.

• Pray for the Holy Spirit to comfort those who have lost loved ones.

• Pray for the continued safety of our team members.

• Pray for God to give our team opportunities to share the gospel and make a real impact in the Philippines.

• Pray for God to protect both the locals and our team from sickness and diseases.

• Pray for U-Turn For Christ and their team currently on the ground.

• Pray that essential services such as power and water are restored in a timely manor.

• Pray that our team doesn’t experience any equipment failures with their water purifiers, solar chargers, or satellite phones.


We’ll continue to update this blog with more updates as we get them, keep checking back and keep praying.