Why the Reliance School of Ministry?



School of Ministry is now in session and if you have not been made aware, it just might be for you. My name is Bryan, I attended the Reliance School of Ministry for the 2012-2013 year, and I want to tell you about my experience. What a blessing and privilege it has been to attend this program over the past year. I certainly did not write about everything that School of Ministry (SOM) entails nor would you likely be motivated to read such a lengthy review. However, I will attempt to give you just a little insight into how I see SOM in retrospect and where I think it may or may not fit into your life right now.


As with anything that involves a level of commitment and dedication SOM is not for everyone or even for most. This may seem like an obvious statement but how often do we write a check that our mouth (or in this case time and energy) can’t cash? So if you are casually considering possibly adding a tiny dose of education and training to your spiritual diet you may be looking in the wrong place. Don’t get me wrong this program does not require nearly the time commitment of say…training for the UFC or winning American Idol. But then we do not wrestle with flesh and blood nor do we strive to win the favor of men. However, if you feel called to serve in ministry at whatever level or capacity then it may be time to allow Jesus to equip you for the work of ministry. Where does SOM come in? Well if this describes you then School of Ministry was designed with you and I in mind.


What we are talking about is not just another church training program designed to replace traditional education, spark interest in church agendas or otherwise motivate activity in an unwilling vessel. This is college level Bible-based educational courses, hands-on ministry training and personal spiritual instruction focused around an already more-than-full-time, slightly insane, typical adult lifestyle. Sounds like a brochure right? Well the truth is that this is exactly what I found SOM to be. For me at least it has been unlike anything I could have expected in terms of my return on time-investment. This is not a school for individuals who feel the need for endless academia. It was not intended to overwhelm the senses or puff up the mind. I firmly believe it was intended to equip those of us in the trenches to do whatever service Jesus calls us to today!


How is it possible to simultaneously cater to Christians at varying degrees of ministry experience, time commitments and education? I believe that this is probably the true splendor and biggest advantage that SOM offered me personally. It is not a matter of genius engineering or miraculous time management that makes this program unique. Prayerfully conceived, humbly administered and Spirit empowered this program seeks to do only what the Scriptures require; “equip the saints for the work of ministry…”(Ephesians 4:12a). I pray that it has not been a means to an end for me personally but a start to a lifelong journey. So I encourage you to start right now, not saving your money or checking your calendar for available free time but praying diligently whether SOM is for you…it certainly was for me!