Women’s Rights


I don’t believe I ever planned to be a mom, quite the opposite I planned to be the first one in my family to graduate from college. I planned to be a scientist. When my husband begged me for a child, I convinced him to get a dog instead. I loved my life, I had everything I needed, and I knew where I was going. I had the five year plan down to a science. Marry the man, get the house, get your BS and apply to graduate school. I believed in God and spent time with him, especially during finals. I would pray, “please let me pass, please let me get chosen, please get my husband off the baby talk, Amen and thank you Jesus.” To me, God was the genie in the bottle, there to grant my wishes and desires.


Proverbs 16:1(GNT) says, “We may make our plans, but God has the last word.”


I remember the day He had the last word, I had applied for an internship and was accepted, all I needed to do was get a TB test. No problem, our school had a great clinic on campus. I went in and asked for a TB test, the nurse replied “sure after you supply us with a urine sample.” So, I did. After a few minutes, the nurse returned and said, “The doctor needs to speak with you, please have a seat.”


My mind went to the extreme… you’ve probably picked up some rare disease that’s been transferred by some lab rat you worked on, or worse you’ve gotten poisoned by some chemical in the lab. I still had a plan, I was still in control, there were protocols I could follow, there were scientist I knew, I just needed to track the source of the problem. The doctor closed the door and took a chair across from me. Meanwhile, the nurse held my hand as she prepared me to hear the results of my urine test. “Silvia, I’m so sorry to tell you this, you’re pregnant.” My mind quickly ran through the previous months events… you went away to celebrate your anniversary, you haven’t been able to loose those five extra pounds despite how hard you work out and that explains your crazy hamburger cravings. “Would you like to hear your options?” the doctor asked. What options? I’m married, I’m thirty and my husband has been praying against me. This is God’s will, not my own, my only option is joy. Joy, that the Lord would know the right timing despite my need to be in control.


The 19th Amendment of the Constitution was signed in the 1920’s; it granted us the right to vote. Somewhere between then and now we lost our right to motherhood. We lost the privilege and honor that comes with motherhood. Most often we are made to feel like second class citizens because we choose to stay home and fully devote ourselves to the mission of motherhood. Lin Yutang said “of all the rights of women the greatest is to be a mother.”


I agree with Yutang, so much that recently I had business cards made describing my occupation, full time mother. Now, whenever I go to an employee party with my husband or any other social setting, I hand out my card. It’s very difficult to show indifference to a proud mama. We should fully and completely embrace our right to motherhood. I think the first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”


Take joy my sisters in the knowledge that you have chosen well, that you have undertaken a mission that is filled with a lifetime of wonder and delight. That our Lord has prepared you for this role. Take joy in the honor that you share with each other.


Psalms 127:3 (NKJV) says “Children are a heritage from the Lord the fruit of the womb is a reward.”


Heritage is defined as something that is reserved for a particular person. The fact that God would reserve this gift for me, makes it so much more precious, more valuable than any internship, degree, or PhD. I look forward to knowing you and sharing your joys on this journey of motherhood.



Your Sister in Christ,