Be a Man Your Family Can Count On


A while back my son moved up to a booster seat instead of a car seat because he’s almost 4 now, so he is a “big boy”. As I was loading in his new seat, the Lord totally called me out on something: “Am I driving my family down the path the Lord has called me to? Am I even driving my family at all or am I sitting in a car seat?” That was a punch to the gut. As I see my kids in the rear view mirror, just watching the scenes change as we go from town to town, dangling feet and singing to themselves, how dare I be right next to them spiritually? Watching life pass us by, decisions being made, life’s coarse has begun and I am being held accountable for every step my wife, three kids, and I take.


Our job as husbands and dads is to drive our family on the path the Lord has put in front of us. Sometimes it is easier to just check out for a while and watch the scenery go by, but no matter how loving our God is, he’s not going to use us until we get in the driver’s seat, put it in gear and GO. If we are headed the wrong way, He is faithful to let us know and give us a better direction.

“A mans heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps” Proverbs 16:9
We must get in the car, buckle up and get in gear. This life is going much faster than I thought it would, our kids and wives are in a world that is worsening every day. If they can’t count on their dad, or their husband to be the pastor of their home, or the one they can come to with tear filled eyes (no matter how big or small the issue!) they will try to find someone they can count on. May I be that man they can always count on.