Reliance Easter 2012: A Day To Remember

Depending on where you’re at spiritually, Easter service can range from a meaningful experience to a merely mediocre church-oriented observance. For many who attended the Reliance Church service, Easter was the life-altering day they met Jesus and started a relationship with Him.

Easter is always a significant day for us at Reliance; it is a time when we gather all of our services together in one place at one time to celebrate Christ’s sacrifice for us and His subsequent victory over death, and 2012 was no exception!

Over 1,100 people congregated on the Linfield football field for Easter this year, joining together to sing worship to our Lord, partake in communion, and listen to Pastor Ted’s sermon that unflinchingly proclaimed the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It was a powerful Sunday, and Reliance is eager to continue cultivating the church body with opportunities for discipleship, mentorship, and servanthood in his new season of growth.