High School Knott’s Berry Adventure

If you’re a high school student and don’t yet have any grandiose spring break plans for April 3rd, you’re in luck, because we have an epic adventure lined up for you! How does, a day of no homework, chilling with friends, rollercoasters, and trekking around an amusement park sound? Reliance’s youth group is spending an entire day at Knott’s Berry Farm on April 3rd, and the invitation is open to ALL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS! So bring a friend, or two, or three! This is an awesome chance to invite any of your friends who don’t know Christ and are apprehensive about church to an event that is not at a church! Better yet, they will be surrounded by positive influences of real Christian teens from the youth group, and they’ll get to hang out in a welcoming, carefree environment while joining in a day of wholesome fun. Transportation to the park will be provided, so all you have to do is:


1. Sign up in the youth room

2. Have any friends you bring sign up

3. Pay the group discounted rate of $28

4. Bring your own food for the day


We’re meeting at the Vineyard campus on Tuesday at 8 am, and the fun won’t stop till 11 at night! So don’t miss out on spending an entertaining day with your youth group community outside the church walls, where you’ll build relationships in an unintimidating environment, while having a ridiculous amount of fun. It’s going to be a blast, and we hope to see you there!