What’s A College Student To Do?

Contrary to popular opinion that college students have established their identities, determined their professional ambitions, and know where they’re going in life, the college age is a confusing time, riddled with a daunting surge of responsibility and pressure to conform to worldly expectations. Once you graduate high school, you’re hit with the looming question: “What next?” The world offers you few options in terms of lifestyle choices. The quintessential secular college experience consists of partying, hangovers, and unrestrained sexuality. Sobriety is scoffed. Morals are benched.  Purity is out of the question. Young Christians seeking an alternative to the degenerate path the world offers may fall prey to the misconception that the only way to honor God with their lives is to get married as soon as possible. These are both horribly repressive options.

At The Way, Reliance’s young adults’ study, a third option is taught that seeks to meet you where you are, whether you’re overwhelmed with schoolwork, uncertain about your future, struggling with moral compromise, or doubting your identity in Christ. You are not alone in this perplexing phase of life. The Way offers an uplifting environment where you are surrounded with others dealing with the same struggles you face. Ask, “How can I follow God’s path for my life,” and through a personal relationship with Christ and daily time spent in the Word, you will learn it. In this fast-paced, consumer driven society, people loathe waiting for anything. It’s challenging to reserve time in a frenetic schedule to patiently seek out the Lord. Yet that is exactly what is required when searching for God’s path for your life.

The Way emphasizes getting grounded in God’s Word to seek His voice. The Way is currently studying the fascinating book of Hebrews, which describes the supremacy of Jesus and the position He should have in our lives. The Way is fellowship-oriented, because there is wisdom in the multitude of counsel (NKJV, Proverbs 11:14). Do not be deceived by the allure of the carefree life promised by the world; its path of sin, whether in the form of drunkenness, promiscuity, or pornography addiction, will ultimately lead to death (NKJV, James 1:15). At The Way, you will forge friendships with other believers battling the same temptations you face, delve into the truth of Scripture, and pursue God’s answer instead of the world’s to that ever-pervasive question: “What next?”