Reliance Youth Group: What’s All The Hype About?

Student Ministries Pastor, Kyle Curry, says this about Youth Group: “It’s not about an experience; it’s about a relationship. But through your relationship with God, you experience Him. Come to Youth Group to deal with real life issues and be challenged in your walk with God.”  What sort of impact is the bi-weekly meeting having on teens? Does it really help build long-lasting friendships? Are the sermons relevant? Check out what three high school guys have to say about Reliance Church’s Youth Group. In the following interview, Christian Spence (age 15), Marshall Ott (16), and Trevor Vanderburg (16) open up about their experiences at Youth Group and share why they keep coming back.

How long have you been going to Reliance’s Youth Group?

Almost three years. –Christian

Three years! –Marshall

Two years. –Trevor

Why do you return every week?

There’s always something to do; the people are welcoming, the worship is awesome, and the teaching is great! –Christian

I keep coming back because the messages are straightforward, and I love the fellowship and family-feel of the group. – Marshall

Three reasons: the atmosphere, the people, and the friends. – Trevor

How would you describe the friends you have made?

Close with the Lord, fun to be around, and involved in church. – Christian

Eternal. – Marshall

Real. –Trevor

What are some of your favorite aspects of Youth Night?

When Kyle teaches, he shares analogies and stories that make the sermon interesting and relatable. –Christian

I love how we play football, skate, and just hang out. I especially appreciate how Kyle relates everything in the Bible to high school students. –Marshall

We play a lot of games and hang out with really cool people! –Trevor

How has Youth Group contributed to your spiritual life?

It’s had a huge impact on my faith. It’s super easy to listen to the messages because I feel like I can relate to them. – Christian

I’ve grown a lot. Specifically, I have become bolder in my faith. – Marshall

It has shaped my spiritual life a lot. The people sharpen me, make me stronger, and keep me headed in a good direction. –Trevor 

What would you say to encourage other teens to start going? 

It’s the best time you’ll have in your life! Everyone there is nice, and it’s a fun place to hang out. – Christian

It’s a fun, positive, and uplifting environment. –Marshall

You’ll make a lot of friends. You’ll be able to be yourself and you won’t be judged. – Trevor

Youth Group at Reliance meets Wednesday nights at the Vineyard campus and Sunday mornings at the Linfield campus, split between separate services for Jr. High and Sr. High. Click here for more information about the High School Youth Group. Click here for more information about the Jr. High Youth Group.