Building A Foundation

Ever struggle to comprehend a verse in the Bible? Or wish you had a deeper grasp of who God is? Want to take your relationship with Christ to the next level? Reliance Church is offering a Christian Foundation class that responds to each of these topics, seeking to help you master the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Here’s what you need to know: the class is absolutely cost-free, begins January 29th, and will meet for four consecutive weeks at the Vineyard campus at 9 am. Childcare is available at the Children’s Ministry at the Linfield campus. Note that while this class will cultivate your spiritual growth, it does not replace your church attendance; so be sure to keep the Sabbath. The Christian

Foundation class will be covering the following:

• Foundational aspects of Christianity necessary for personal and corporate growth in Christ

• Development of spiritual habits of Christian maturity

• Learning to read and comprehend the Bible for yourself

• The Lordship of Christ

• The attributes and character of God

• Understanding and implementing a strong prayer life

• Fellowship and sharing your faith with others

• Bible study tools and resources

This is an indisputably needful class that will establish and strengthen the fundamentals of your Christian faith. The Christian Foundation class is a must, whether you have known Jesus for ten minutes or ten decades! You can sign up and pick up your class workbook at the Connection Center this Sunday.