Being A Christian In The 21st Century

If you’re like me and you hear the words “Web blocker,” you cringe! Let me be clear, it’s not because the concept of blocking inappropriate material is negative, it’s because 99% of the time the implementation is terrible at best. It can bog down your computer, severely reduce your internet speed and frustrate you to the point of throwing your computer out the window. I’ve been there!

If you attended Reliance Church’s service this past Sunday, you heard Pastor Ted speak on the importance of using accountability software (CLICK HERE for a link to this sermon). After listening to the message, I thought to myself, “That’s a lot of research for people who haven’t considered this avenue in the past.” That’s why I decided to write this blog. You name an accountability software, and chances are, I’ve used it! Most are terrible, some are good, but a few are fantastic, and I’d love to simplify the process of setting up effective accountability for you.

I use two programs in conjunction with each other because (in my opinion) there are two main problems with surfing the web as a Christian. I like to call these problems “intent and content.” Both intent and content are issues that need to be addressed before any browsing happens. Some programs try to tackle both with one program, but I find that these two areas are completely different. While one program might successfully battle content, it’s not adept at battling intent (and vice versa). Let me describe each issue and share with you which program I prefer for each.

1. Intent

The first issue that needs to be tackled is intent, in that the user is intent on looking at inappropriate material. It is essential to address this issue early on, preferably before it becomes an addiction. The accountability software I use and highly recommend is the free version of X3 Watch (DOWNLOAD HERE). This program records any URL the user visits that sets off a red flag. It then compiles those flagged URLs into an email report and sends that report to your “Accountability Partners” who you select when you initially set up the program. It is important that your accountability partners are people who will sincerely hold you accountable (people who don’t check their email or are prone to the problem themselves don’t qualify for this position!). I recommend putting at least two people on your accountability list; that way, if one person misses something, hopefully the other will catch it. The program also emails the accountability partners, should the partners ever be removed or the software uninstalled. And it’s free!

X3 Watch is available on:

• PC

• Mac

• iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

• Android Devices

2. Content

The second issue with surfing the web can (and will) happen to anyone, just give it time. The content problem consists of inappropriate material being present on generally clean pages. Banners, pop-ups, ads, etc. – you name it! All are prone to having inappropriate material that is designed to cause men to lust. Not only is this an enticing lure for any innocent web goer, it is also at times an inescapable trap for those who have previously battled this addiction! The problem with most content blockers can be quite significant… they slow down computers! The one I use and recommend is called K9 (DOWNLOAD HERE). It’s free, easy to set up, and very customizable! Best of all, I’ve noticed NO lag in performance or web speed! Strike that. Best of all, I no longer see inappropriate material while surfing the web!

K9 is available on:

• PC

• Mac