Cibus pro Sentential (Food for Thought)

Indulge in a steaming cup of your favorite coffee or tea, sink into a cozy armchair, and contemplate the following insights on Christian living. In what areas of your life is God challenging you?

“God’s wounds cure, sin’s kisses kill.” -William Gurnall

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” – C.S. Lewis

“If you judge people, you have not time to love them.” – Mother Teresa

“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.” –C.S. Lewis

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The Women’s Retreat: A Time to Seek the Lord and Be Refreshed

He Loves Me is the refreshing theme of Reliance Church’s upcoming women’s retreat, featuring guest speaker Sandy MacIntosh. Ladies, you do not want to miss this opportunity to escape the hectic everyday distractions and draw nearer to God. The retreat will be an uplifting time of fellowship, worship, prayer, and reflection. Mothers, feel free to bring your daughters if they are 16 or older. Women of all ages are encouraged to attend! We will be staying at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center, scenically located near a serene lake, complete with a bookstore, coffee shop, swimming pool, and tennis and volleyball courts. Still hesitating to sign up? Check out what some women are saying about their enriching experiences at former retreats:

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14 Valentines

Valentine’s Day was first instituted in 496 AD by Pope Gelasius I in commemoration of the Christian martyr of Saint Valentine. February 14th has since morphed into a celebration of love and romance, characterized by the exchange of roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and ostentatiously oversized stuffed bears. While this holiday is often spent indulging in excessive sweets or proffering Disney princess and Transformers themed valentines to friends, let us not neglect Scripture’s description of true love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 reminds us of the enduring, God-honoring ways we can show love to one another. Here are fourteen valentines that don’t come in a Hallmark card, flower bouquet, or jewelry box:

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Free Rizers Song!

About a month ago, we shared with you The Rizers first music video, and we can’t tell you how excited we are for the video premiere of 1 John 4:7 on Monday! You can download the Mp3 for free by clicking right here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

When Marital Intimacy Is Opposed, Fight Back!

Modern day marriages frequently fail. The tragic truth is, a marriage doesn’t have to end in a divorce to be deemed a failure.

A husband and wife who have abandoned the art of communication find themselves living in indifferent silence. This is not biblical.

An independent-natured wife, glorying in autonomy, doesn’t think twice about making major household decisions without consulting her husband. This is not biblical.

A self-absorbed husband immediately rushes to the TV after a long day at work, preferring entertainment to the effort of giving his wife affection. This is not biblical.

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Agape: The Perfect Love

How many different types of love exist? Just one? Three? A dozen? The ancient Greeks specified four principal classes of love: storge, philia, eros, and agape. So what’s the difference? Storge, philia, and eros are all imperfect loves vulnerable to sinful pitfalls and can only be redeemed by agape love.

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What’s A College Student To Do?

Contrary to popular opinion that college students have established their identities, determined their professional ambitions, and know where they’re going in life, the college age is a confusing time, riddled with a daunting surge of responsibility and pressure to conform to worldly expectations. Once you graduate high school, you’re hit with the looming question: “What next?” The world offers you few options in terms of lifestyle choices. The quintessential secular college experience consists of partying, hangovers, and unrestrained sexuality. Sobriety is scoffed. Morals are benched.  Purity is out of the question.

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Be a Christian in the Workplace

1. Follow Christian values instead of worldly values. That means resisting the urge to call in sick when you’re not sick and refusing to filch office supplies for your personal use. No mater how trifling the offense is, recognize its deceptive nature. All dishonesty is sin; God does not distinguish between slight lies and hefty ones.  Scripture exhorts Christians to be distinctive from the sinful world we live in: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (NIV, Romans 1:2). If your behavior in the workplace mirrors that of your unsaved colleague, do not be flattered. Seek God for restoration. Endeavor to follow God’s perfect will instead of seeking to follow your co-workers’ direction.

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The 5 Love Languages

Ever feel unloved, in spite of what your spouse regards are valiant attempts to show you affection? Does your husband or wife ever complain that you’re emotionally distant, yet you’ve been striving to demonstrate your devotion in ways that make sense to you? The likely reason for these crossed wires is that you are both communicating in different “love languages.” Dr. Gary Chapman’s life-changing book, The 5 Love Languages, enlightens how we meet each other’s deepest emotional needs, positing there are five principal love languages, or, ways to communicate and feel love.

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Choose A Christ-Centered Marriage

When you’re disenchanted with your marriage, the intimate husband-wife relationship you once celebrated is deteriorating, and marital bliss has proven an elusive cliché, disappointment reigns. Stripped of the illusion that marriage is easy and love is painless, it’s tempting to succumb to self-absorbed inaction. You may be asking, “Why should I be the first one to reach out?” Perhaps strained communication with your husband or wife has your confidence faltering. Or maybe your spouse’s callous inattention to your feelings has driven you to shield yourself with a haughty indifference. Realize this: Satan wants you to feel powerless to salvage your marriage.

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