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The Church App developed in partnership with Amped Church for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices is now available. We’re very excited to offer this church app to everyone at Reliance Church completely free!


With this church app you can listen to sermons, read blogs, take notes, find growth groups and a whole lot more! Check out the video below for a quick overview of the church app.

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No Regrets

John couldn’t believe his luck. Just a few weeks ago, he had been lamenting to a co-worker that he didn’t spend enough time with his family and now here he was with his youngest son Fishing in Alaska!


It all started weeks before when he escorted some clients to the Ducks game on the corporate account, hoping to land a big deal. Usually he enjoyed the “perks” that came with his business, but lately the hours had been adding up.

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Independence, a strength or weakness?


In the minds of Americans, independence is usually associated with the honor and dignity of the birth of our nation. Yet independence carries another connotation with it that is absolutely detrimental. At is most basic understanding independence is to be completely self sufficient, free from outside control or not depending on another’s authority.


While this may seem desirable and perhaps even needful, there is a real danger in living in such a way that people see themselves as both the means as well as the end of their lives. We can be neither, and yet we naturally clamor for both. When independence pervades in the human heart, great and terrible evils come to be normal, commonplace and deemed as natural. The attitude of self is what is at the very heart of what captured Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, and what holds men captive today. The act of taking the forbidden fruit represents the defiant and independent heart of man to trust in himself over God. It is to rebelliously tell God “I don’t need you!”


When we trace the concept of independence back to its roots, we find them deeply imbedded in the soil of pride. Pride feeds, grows, develops and maintains this self-sufficient mindset. James 4:6 states that “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.” It is compulsory for the Christian to combat the sinful mind by replacing it with one that capitulates to the mind of Jesus.


This has two practical applications to how the Christian must submit their thoughts to Jesus.

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In The Valley



Have you ever experienced a time in your Christian service where you descend from a great spiritual height back into the valley below? From a time of hearing and seeing God work to a time of spiritual warfare and internal restlessness? Although not a bad thing, it can be quite difficult to retain proper perspective during the transition. For me personally, this came after a major shift in my focus into the Jr. High student ministry. God showered everything with grace and allowed things to go very well right out of the gate. In January we had our Winter Camp, which is the highlight of the season for our students and the ministry. The entire weekend was miraculous! The Lord blessed everything and several students came to know Jesus as their Lord and savior for the first time! The Winter Camp seemed to be a very high point for me in my new ministry position. What followed, though, was confusing for me and difficult to understand.

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Purpose Behind Testing

What is the purpose behind our testing? Is there a reason, or are we simply stuck with our circumstances because we live in a fallen world? Pastor Cody King explains the biblical purpose behind testing.

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The Agony of a Missing Child


Pastor Ted relates the agony of a missing child to the agony that the Apostle Paul felt towards the Church of Colossae. An excerpt from Colossians 2:1-23, given on March 10, 2013 in the sermon series “Anchored”. Watch the full sermon here.

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